DEI Toolkit 2: Drive Fairness and Respect

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The second in a series of toolkits designed to drive fairness and respect with DEI” encourages learners, leaders and teams to explore current attitudes, behaviours and norms within themselves and their workplace. Individual and team learning centres on unconscious bias and expanding your circle, while leaders tools include a DEI survey, maturity matrix and personal traits diagnostic.

The toolkit comprises elearning (for everyone), leadership tools for strategic impact and personal insight, team activities and a resources library.

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As conversations about Diversity, Equity and Inclusion open up at work, companies and teams experience friction - as more people are given a voice, others hear and learn difficult truths. 'Driving Fairness and Respect' encourages individuals and teams to discover more about their own biases and beliefs and overcome their fear of difference.

What will you learn?

Leaders get a survey tool to uncover workplace realities and a maturity matrix to diagnose, solve and make strategic progress on DEI. Alongside this they have the "15 traits of inclusive leaders" diagnostic to continue their journey of personal insight and change.

The toolkit includes animations, infographics, a quiz, videos, personal diagnostics, team activities and links to inspirational people and companies who have had an impact on DEI issues.

- elearning centres on unconscious bias, attitudes to DEI and tools to expand your personal and professional circles

- Leadership tools encourage leaders to look inside themselves and their organisation and take positive action to improve DEI outcomes

- Team activities encourage people to talk about their lived experiences and learn through conversation

- Each toolkit in the series is a call to action to increase shared knowledge, level up opportunity and expand allyship.

The detail:

All content was developed in partnership with an award-winning global DEI leader.

Suitable for organisations of any size.

This product contains supplemental files (MP4, PDF) and can be uploaded to your LMS.

LMS reporting: complete/incomplete (individual sections to be marked as completed).

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