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Helping leaders, employees and wellbeing champions to “come home better”. It provides practical tools and learning activities focused on heart, mind, body and sense of purpose.

The toolkit helps users develop strategic and personal plans to improve how they feel and perform at work.

Tools include a corporate wellbeing diagnostic and strategy guide, an individual wellbeing check-up with personalised report, and a series of team workshops.

The toolkit was developed in partnership with expert wellbeing practitioners.

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Central to the employee experience and engagement, wellbeing has become a top priority for leadership.

Wellbeing is a broad subject that covers anything from financial planning to triaging mental health.

When the Wellbeing toolkit will help?
This toolkit focuses on practical activities that all people can do to support their physical, mental and emotional wellbeing at work. Giving leaders tools to prioritise wellbeing in the workplace. And helping wellbeing champions achieve greater reach and influence.

What will you learn?
- Improve wellbeing strategy, narrative and leadership
- Individual energy and motivation
- Team ownership for wellbeing at work
- Impact and influence of wellbeing champions

The Detail:
- The four-part model, diagnostics and learning activities are rooted in extensive research and developed with expert wellbeing partners. The tools work in conjunction with, and are complementary to, your existing corporate wellbeing initiatives
- Suitable for companies of any size
- This product contains supplemental files (MP4, PDF, PPT) and can be uploaded to your LMS
- LMS reporting: complete/incomplete (when the toolkit has been viewed in full)
- This product is over 50mb so you will receive it via email transfer upon payment

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