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Microlearning designed to help people notice diversity in their professional and social circles. Expanding your circle to include more people different to you promotes empathy and understanding, which is fundamental to progress on diversity, equity and inclusion.

Approximate learning time: 10 minutes


People seek familiarity but life's richness is fuelled by diversity. Successful businesses and people are often those who expand their circle to seek out differences in experience and outlook. This microlearning includes a self-awareness activity and practical tips to respectfully and sensitively expand your social and professional circles. Great for people with an open-mind who want to contribute to learn from others and be inclusive.

- Useful for leaders

- Suitable for all employees who are interested in diversity and inclusion

- Use as part of your DEI toolkit or awareness campaign

This product can be integrated with your LMS or LXP.

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Desktop/mobile compatible *for the optimal experience, we recommend accessing this product on a desktop


10 minutes

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